Carbo-Weld is specialised in high alloyed welding electrodes, flux cored wires and special alloys.

Without loosing any information data of research and development department is passed directly to the production avoiding unnecessary intermediate steps.

Our main product program includes besides an enormous number of special alloys, covered stick electrodes for the following material:

  • unalloyed and low alloyed steels
  • low-temperature steel
  • heat resisting steel
  • austenite-ferrite compound
  • nickel and nickel-alloys
  • aluminium and aluminium-alloys
  • tool steels
  • high strength fine grained structural steel
  • creep-resistant steel
  • stainless steel
  • cast iron
  • copper and copper-alloys
  • repair and deposit welding

Since 2003 flux cored wires have been producing for the following applications:

  • work-harden and austenitic depositions
  • abrasion resistant hard facings
  • abrasion resistant hard facings
  • impact resistant depositions
  • deposition for tool steels
  • tungsten carbide depositions

They can be used in the following fields:

Constructions of low alloyed and high alloyed and non-ferrous metal for main appliances in steel structural work, shipbuilding, construction of apparatus and container, chemical industry and motor industry. Repair and wear protective maintenance where wear occurs like corrosion, erosion, cavitations, impact, friction, temperature or material fatigue.